Advanced Defensive Tactics

The One System Everybody Must Know!

The ADT (Advanced Defensive Tactics) Courses have been many years in development and fine tuning. The result is a no-nonsense Course that delivers the very best information in the shortest possible time frame.


Combat Flow: Defensive Dozen

Advanced Defensive Tactics (ADT) has developed a series of quick and effective self defence moves to take control by putting pain into an attacker and give you time to get away and stay safe.

Combat Flow: Players

Combat flow players are principles that are the foundation of creating power and striking with penetration to create time to be safe and take control of a confrontation. These ‘Players’ can be used either by themselves or together to generate increased power and impact.

Combat Flow: Program Lessons

The Combat Flows Program consists of 18 different techniques focused on a combination of strikes on vital points and pressure points. They are very effective in creating pain and confusion in an attacker. This provides the intended victim with time to get away to safety.

Australian Representative

The Defensive Tactics Courses are now available in Australia through Advanced Defensive Tactics – the Only Australian Representative in conjunction with Taekwonjitsu and Martial Arts Australia. It has now been opened up to people just like you, who are looking for a real impact in your self defence…then this is your nextstep!

Learn the Devastating Advanced Defensive Tactics System Of Self Protection

Spectacular Results In Europe & USA

These courses have really exploded onto the scene over the last 12 months. The results have been SPECTACULAR to say the least. The letters of support from those who have taken the courses have really been overwhelming from Europe and the USA!

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